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A guide to assist seniors 55+ seeking volunteer positions.



Much has been said about the impact of COVID-19 on older adults. Many have struggled with loneliness due to isolation from family, friends and colleagues, as well as financial challenges due to lost or reduced employment, not to mention changes in personal health and well-being. Things can be tough, especially if your circumstances have changed or if you’re new to Canada.

A fresh start

If your senior years aren’t turning out quite as you envisioned, perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at your skills, experience and interests and “parlay” them into a world of surprising new opportunities. Perhaps it’s even time to think about giving back and learning about the many ways you can contribute to your community.

To support you in this venture, The Canadian Abilities Foundation is pleased to introduce Parlay, a new education program designed to encourage, assist and connect you in your search for new horizons.

A complimentary program

Our specialized digital magazines, in concert with our existing publications and programs,

will provide you with curated content, advice and plenty of ideas to help you try new things, experiment and come up with a refreshing new vision and action plan. And our video interviews will share highlights and wise counsel from energetic experts and older adults with real world experience in volunteering and a variety of other topics.

With appreciation

A special thanks to all of our authors and interviewees for their personal contributions and to our Patron’s Council Chair, Joel Dembe, for working on the video collection with us.


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