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A guide to assist parents caring for children with special needs with ‘safe return to work’ during COVID-19 


A guide to assist persons living with disabilities with job seeking and ‘safe return to work’ during COVID-19


A guide to assist families and caregivers with ‘safe return to work’ during COVID-19

Canadian Abilities Foundation envisions an inclusive, universally accessible society, where all people belong and are valued. Our mission is to make Canada the most accessible country in the world through advocacy, awareness building and sharing of best practice solutions.

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Canada Cares celebrates and recognizes the efforts of family members and friends as well as a variety of health professionals who provide care and support in their communities.

Back to Work
during COVID-19

Click here for customized guides for family and professional caregivers, parents and persons with disabilities to help with returning to work and job seeking.


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STRUT and ARC are co-operative web projects developed and managed by the Canadian Abilities Foundation (CAF).Our mandate is to encourage and promote inclusion, diversity and accessible customer service.

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