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Working single mother feeling frustrated while her kids want to play with her at home.

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It is moments like these when we need all the resilience we can muster to lighten up our hearts and minds, maintain our core values and keep moving forward during COVID-19 return to work. Our editors have pulled together a few ideas from experts that we hope will help you avoid the hurdles and keep your chin up:

1. Don’t get knocked down: There’s a thing called negativity bias that sets in before we know it. A single newscast or critical comment can knock the wind out of us very quickly.

Wise advice: Pause and refocus. Take a moment to appreciate something calming, sweet or beautiful. Try a morning photo of someone or something that makes you laugh or smile.

Result: By refocusing your attention it helps you shift away from negative stressful thoughts.

2. Avoid going it alone: Hard to do while social distancing, but isolating yourself is a surefire way for most of us to start feeling blue.

Wise advice: Reach out to others. But, rather than comparing and despairing start and finish conversa- tions on a positive note. Greet a person with a positive comment. Say something happy, grateful, friendly or funny to set the tone and energy of your conversation.

Result: When you stay in the moment and carry optimistic messages you’re more likely to excel and feel more energetic.

3. Feel like time’s a-wasting? Right now it might feel like we’re spinning our wheels or going in the wrong direction.

Wise advice: Topple this hurdle by finding a purpose. Think carefully about how you’re spending your time, what drives you and develop a multi- faceted home/work/relationship to-do list that helps you prioritize and find balance.

Result: Your self-esteem will remain intact because you’ll feel worthwhile, even if the task list is different than normal.

4. Too much change to deal with? Right now things are somewhat chaotic and it’s hard to stay grounded.

Wise advice: Set aside time to disconnect from social, email, telephone, even if its just for ten minutes. Practice 5-3-1-1. At any time of day:
take five deep breaths, think of three things you’re grateful for, smile one real smile and set one new intention.

Result: A calmer, less anxious you who’s ready willing and able to handle what life is dishing out.

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